Ten Questions to ask your Vending Company

1. Does your vending company have liability Insurance?
2. Are your vending companies employees covered by workers compensation?
3. Does your vending company pay sales tax?

If the answer is no to the above questions you could have future problems. Ask those questions today.

4. What is the condition of the vending equipment coming into your company? Is it brand new, refurbished or flat out "old"?
5. Are the vending machines equipped with the new "Sure Vend Delivery System" that guarantees delivery of your product or your money back?
6. Are the prices your new vending company quoted guaranteed for a period of time or are they teaser rates just to get in the door.
7. Does the contract you are going to sign have an out clause for bad service? Make sure they explain this to you or you could be stuck with bad service for a long period of time.
8. Does your contract renew one month prior to the contract expiring. If so be careful or you will find you are locked into a contract for another 3 years.
9. Does your vending company have a snack plan-a-gram that they have to follow because they are receiving payments from large manufacturers or are they flexible enough that they can put in what your employees want.
10. Can your vending company deliver after hours or on weekends if need be.
Running a business in California is currently very expensive. For a vending company to offer cheap prices they might have to cut corners like not paying liability insurance or placing old equipment just to break even. Cutting corners can lead to frustrating problems for you down the road.

Make sure you do your homework before choosing a vending company. Just because you negotiate low prices doesn't mean you have a great deal.