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Bay Area Vending - Northern California's Premier Vending Company

We are a locally owned and operated vending company based in Northern California's East Bay and our customers include fortune 1000 companies, start ups, software companies and many other customers that don't want to deal with the bureaucracy of a large, union operated, vending company.

Vending Machine Options

Vending Machine Options

We at Bay Area Vending offer a wide variety of vending options to cater to your companies needs.

We have traditional vending programs that can accommodate small to large companies and we also have the flexibility to offer free and subsidized programs, which are very popular among the High Tech and Bio Tech companies.

What ever your vending needs are we can custom design a program to meet those needs. It is very important to us that the customers feel very confident with the products and services we at Bay Area Vending can offer. Click here to learn more!

Vending Machine Options

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To make the vending experience fun and exciting we can run various promotions so your employees can win prizes with their purchases.
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A well-stocked vending machine is a result of communication between your employees and our route drivers. We encourage your staff to let us know what you want in the machines.
If you are currently running back and forth to Costco to provide your employees with snacks and sodas let us do all the running around for you.
Save yourself valuable time and the potential of a costly workers compensation claim.
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