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Our Vending Machine Products

Picking the product selection at Bay Area Vending is a joint venture between you and our sales team. We are committed to providing your company superior brand name beverages and snacks.

Because we have limited spots in the vending machine we try to find the top sellers in each category and then we try to rotate in new items to freshen up the look of the machines. Most new items have a short sales cycle. They usually sell like gangbusters for the first few months then they slow down. When they slow down that is the time we introduce the new items.

The key to great product selection in the vending machine is communication with our route drivers. Our route drivers have been trained to listen to the needs and wants of the individuals in each account and to try and accommodate them. This leads to happy employees and hopefully increased productivity.

Click here for our full product list, you may be surprised at the complete range of food, snacks and beverages we offer!

Healthy SnacksHealthy Alternatives are very popular right now and we are always on the lookout to find new products that fall into that category. People love to snack while working and it's nice to have a selection of low fat alternatives.

Trail mixes, Fruit snacks, Granola bars and pretzels are just some of the healthy alternatives we offer.

Carbonated soft drinksCarbonated Beverages are our biggest category. Soda is still king in the vending world followed very closely by bottled water.

Bay Area Vending carries all the major names in Soda including Coke, Pepsi and 7up. Whatever you desire let out route driver know and if we can get it we will place it in your machine.

Non Carbonated DrinksNon Carbonated Beverages are in plentiful supply at Bay Area Vending. Bottled water is king of this category and all our machines are equipped with a row of bottled water.

Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Teas and Snapple can be included into your vending machines.

Chips are a big favorite. We currently carry 12 - 14 flavors of chips at all times. We carry the top sellers including Dorito Nacho's, Cheeto Crunchy, Ruffles Cheddar Sour cream, Frito's and Lays classic.

We also carry the Miss Vickies kettle chips and Poor Brothers line of products.

Candy Bars for the customers with the sweet tooth. Each machine carries between 10 -20 selections of candy depending on the size of the machines. Hard candy such as Skittles to the all time favorite snickers bars and plenty more.

If you have a favorite candy bar that's a little off the wall leave a sticky note on the machine and we will try to find it for you.

Pastries and Cookies will be in the machine and are very good sellers. Crunch Gem donuts, Kellogg's Pop tarts and Grandma's cookies enjoy great success as well as the all time favorite Famous Amos Chocolate chip cookies.

Contact us now to see how we can help with your vending needs!

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To make the vending experience fun and exciting we can run various promotions so your employees can win prizes with their purchases.
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A well-stocked vending machine is a result of communication between your employees and our route drivers. We encourage your staff to let us know what you want in the machines.
If you are currently running back and forth to Costco to provide your employees with snacks and sodas let us do all the running around for you.
Save yourself valuable time and the potential of a costly workers compensation claim.
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